• 产品名称: FL005W30


Model Power Size (L x W x H) Weight(Kg) Mounting height(Max.)
FL005W10 10W 115*85*85 mm 0.45 10m
FL005W20 25W 180*140*110 mm 1.1 10m
FL005W30 35W 220*180*110 mm 1.5 10m
FL005W50 50W 285*235*130 mm 2.4 10m
FL005W70 70W 370*285*100 mm 4.5 10m
FL005W100 100W 370*285*100 mm 5.6 20m
FL005W150 150W 425*328*190 mm 7.6 20m
FL005W200 200W 475*322*180 mm 8.4 20m

Special heat dissipation technology which can transmit and radiating heat with high performance. High heat radiating technology to reduce led body temperature. The working time of led source and driver has been extend in this way.
led chip is bridgelux import from USA which with high lumens efficacy. The product is high quality.
The surface of heatsink was treated with anodic oxidation technology.
This product doesn't contain lead, mercury and other pollution elements. It's environment friendly product.
This product's CRI is high than normal floodlight product. the physical color rendering more real, a variety of light colors optional, to meet the needs of different environments, eliminating the traditional lamp color temperature is high or low depressed mood, the visual comfort, improve people's efficiency.
40-80% energy saving than traditional lamps
High PF value, more than 0.92, in order to improve their energy usage rate, reduce the loss, reduce the harmonic pollution of the power network, reducing the power load.



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