• 产品名称: COB led high bay

LED high bay lights--As our star LED product ,We ship out around 3,000pcs per month and recieved good feedback from customers. This is why we become the largest LED high bays export factory today!

In order to help customers to promote our LED lights, we give some tips as following:
Replacement suggestion,100W or 120W  LED  lights to replace 250W HID,150W or 200W LED  lights to replace 400W HID.

Proposals are available, A good lighting proposal is firmly good for your sale. We will calculate accurate LUX  for you based on your project information ( Hanging height,width and length ,requested lux).

LED High Bay lighting articles:
1. High Bay LED Lighting Driver Heat Dissipation Temperature Test Report 
2. Warehouse Lighting in IKEA
3. 2,000pcs 100W LED high bay lights project in the biggest car factory in China
4. LED High Bay Reflector Test
5. LED high bay driver picture - 150W with big heat sink

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